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    Note: When I wrote the below blog, it was with the understanding that the US Deficit is at $16 Trillion USD.  Since then I was informed that this figure is not true and that the Real Deficit is much higher!!!  See: “‎http://www.usdebtclock.org/‎” and “‎http://www.shadowstats.com/‎

    Dear Americans,

    I am not an American, however, I love America and I have four (4) Children that are Americans, this is why I wrote this Presentation; it is my way of Backing and my wish to protect America and to help protect the future of my Children and Grand Children…

    America via its people has the making to be loved by all its friends and feared by all its enemies.

    America could really become the most powerful Nation in the World by doing things the American way and not via a Dictatorship.

    America needs to turn to a new page by having Americans vote for what is best for America and not be influenced by any other Country.

    It is a good thing to be concerned about the needs of other Countries, however, not by neglecting the needs of America and the American people.

    I am fully aware that many Countries are suffering and needing many things, however, America is now suffering as well.

    I am perhaps selfish for I believe that the needs of all Americans and America must first be met before America helps other Nations.

    Today, September 27, 2012 according to the Media, only 53% of all Americans pay taxes. The other 47% consist of retired Elderly that are on Social security, people that earn small wages and the unemployed…

    This is truly a sad scenario, I know for a fact that Seniors that are on Social Security have it rough and what they receive monthly, most goes towards their rent!

    There are many people that earn so little money they are having a very hard life, even if the Dad and Mom both work to make ends meet!  They earn so little money that they are exempt from paying Income Tax.

    Shamefully, there are many Americans that are unemployed in America and this should not be.

    America is hurting in many ways and so are many Americans.

    America’s Infra Structure has been neglected and frankly so have the American People.

    What I have expressed above seems to be Doom and Gloom, however, the American People could solve all that ails America by taking the Bull by its Horns by insisting/demanding that any major decisions that the US Government would want to impose must first be voted upon by the American People.


    It is my understanding that the President of the United States alone has the Right and Power to Order all of the American Forces to go to War!

    I for one have much respect for the Office of the US Presidency; however, a President is a Human being and as a human being is capable of making mistakes; case in point, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. True this point could be argued and that is my Point, the American People should have a say if any War makes sense?

    I am of the opinion that the above mentioned Wars contributed to America’s present position; that of being in bad shape in many ways…

    Are there solutions to what is presently ailing America?

    Actually there are Solutions to fix everything in America, however, the present US Government is not aware what the Solutions are! I say this because I am certain that all American Politicians Love America, however, if they knew how to Fix America they would have done it.

    With this in mind I will express Solutions (not necessarily in any order) on how America could become healed and become the Most Powerful Nation in the World and at the same time have all of the People that live in America become ecstatically happy!

    I will start by stating that America can be fixed by having plenty of Money and by having inventive minds in the US Government.

    What do I mean by Inventive minds?

    Anyone could go to college and learn how to speak English beautifully, however, just because people speak beautiful English as Politicians do, this does not make such people are Inventive.

    I will back my statement with Facts:

    As you all know, America is presently hurting in many ways, yet have you heard anything new from Your Politicians on how to Fix America? (I have not)

    I am 75 and I have the time to turn on the TV to listen to speeches by President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, as well as the many bad bashing commercials costing Americans Millions of Dollars and I have heard of no Solutions. Like you, I heard a few Promises, (Pies in the Sky) but no real specific solutions.

    It is unfortunate that both President Obama and Mitt Romney express to the American people that as President of the USA they would Cut Taxes!

    Cutting Taxes sounds good, however, this notion is downright stupid.

    Let me explain:

    America used to Lend Money to other Countries and now America is sadly borrowing money from other Countries!

    Since the Bush Administration America has been experiencing a downward trend, now America has a deficit of $16 Trillion Dollars and perhaps more?

    You tell me, how in the World can all that ails America be fixed by cutting Taxes? I will be frank, you are either being told by Politicians that if Elected they would cut Taxes in order to get your Vote, (Cutting Taxes sounds good) or they simply do not know any better…

    This is simple arithmetic, if the US Government would cut Taxes; they would be forced to borrow more money from other Countries. (Is this not what has occurred?)

    Have you heard any Politician say that if Elected, they would help save Lives, help save peoples homes in the Midwest during the rainy season and help save Forests from fires here in America? I think not…

    When President Bill Clinton was a President, I sent to him a Letter stating the following:

    Since the people in the Midwest suffer every year during the Rainy season; losing their Homes and Lives from too much rain and floods, why not divert such dangerous Water to where it is needed; i.e. the Forests in America.

    I suggested that Reservoirs need to be strategically located/developed so that when it Rains in the Midwest, such water would first be diverted to the Reservoirs and then Piped from the Reservoirs to Forests so as to be able to help save Forest from Fires.

    The chances are that President Bill Clinton did not even see my Letter, even though I received a Thank you with a Stamped Bill Clinton’s Signature.

    Here is a scenario of what I proposed above:

    Such a Project would be rather expensive this is true, however, on the Positive side, many new Jobs would be created, Homes and Lives would be saved in the Midwest, Forests would have a better chance of being saved by having ready water right there and then and Firemen would have a better chance of survival.

    You the reader might say good idea but where will the money come from for such a huge Project? Please keep reading… I will address this below…

    Regarding a different subject which is Huge!!! (Perhaps hard to swallow)

    I believe that the US Government needs to rethink what is best for the US Armed Forces and the safety of America.

    I believe it is time for all Armed Forces situated all over the World to be redeployed and brought to America to protect America.

    Just take a look at the US Map, the East and West Sea shores are huge and they need to be better guarded by US Armed Forces.

    I will now point out the Positive and I will let the US Government to point out the Negative.

    The Following is what I envision, by bringing all of the US Armed forces back Home to America.

    1)      The Armed Forces would protect America and its Sea Shores better. (Better in numbers)

    2)      While the Young Men and Women would Protect America, they could at the same time obtain an education, so that when they complete their Service, they would qualify for ready Jobs.

    3)      Those that would prefer to stay and serve the United States could become even better at what they do by studying the better Weaponry, etc… (Better Weapons, better Planes, etc…)

    4)      By having all of the Armed Forces in the United States, its enemies would think more than twice before thinking of attacking America.

    5)      Such brave people would be able to see their Families more Often…

    6)      Very important, they would spend their money here in the USA and not in some foreign Country.

    7)      By doing the above, the rest of the World would look at America in a better light; a Powerful Country that is not trying to dictate to the rest of the World.

    8)      If the above came to be, it would not take long for the rest of the World to have much respect for America. America’s Friends would Love America even more and America’s Enemies would know better than to mess with America…

    9)      I do not qualify regarding if such a move would be more costly to American Tax payers, however, my gut-feeling/my common sense tells me that most Americans would vote for such an undertaking if such a Vote were presented to them…

    As to Voting, I am willing to bet that given the opportunity, most Americans would vote for what I stated above instead of any war that does not threaten America…

    When it comes to Wars, I am against all Wars, the only time a War is justifiable is if America would have proof positive that it is going to be attacked; then of course Americans would have no choice but to protect themselves…

    There are many other things that America is in need of, i.e. more Schools, fixing old schools, Bridges, Highways, streets need to be maintained and the List goes on…

    At this point for certain you would think me crazy; wondering where will the money come from to do all that I stated above and all that is needed in America which I have not addressed? (I am referring to the needed Jobs in America and the Huge Deficit).

    I have a solution to much of the above…

    My solution is not by borrowing from other Countries and certainly not by cutting Taxes…

    This is my Solution:

    The US Government needs to impose a “Fair Tax” and it needs it now. Such a Tax could be 5% or so on everything purchased as an experiment; it could be a bit less or a bit more.

    By everything purchased I mean everything,  including large items such as Ships, Airplanes, Oil Rigs, Weapons sold to other Countries and in the US, Real Estate, Food, etc. , etc., etc.

    The US Government would need to explain to all Americans that in a sense the US Government is asking all Americans to consider such a Tax as a Loan to the US Government…

    This is what I mean.

    The US Government must Promise all Americans that as soon as all Loans to other Countries are paid, and as soon as the Government would enjoy a Big Surplus, then the US Government would eliminate the “Income Tax” as well as the “IRS”!

    In order for the Fair Tax to be properly implemented, the present Tax structure must remain as is even though it is unfair and unpopular…

    Americans cannot expect for the US Government to get rid of the Income Tax immediately, not knowing the outcome of the Fair Tax. (No one can predict how much money would be raised via the Fair Tax)

    The Fair Tax would be a Wonderful thing because everyone would pay it, not just Americans even foreigners would pay for such a Tax when in America since the Fair Tax would be on everything purchased.

    When I say on everything purchased I mean on everything even on necessities such as food. (By everything I mean everything, no ifs or buts).

    Let us examine the Upside…

    Let us say that it would take 4 to 10 Years for America to be completely fixed… by that I mean everything that America needs to get done… also all loans to foreign Countries Paid and no more Deficits.

    Once America is back where it should be, the US Government would then say:  “Thank You” to all Americans and inform all Americans that the Income Tax is that of the Past (No more) and that the IRS, is obsolete! (No more) Further more, the US Government would proudly state that from then on, all Americans would get to keep every penny they earn!

    Once the Income Tax becomes obsolete, only God knows how much money would then move from foreign Countries to America. I just know it would be a huge amount.

    Since I am not an American Citizen I cannot Vote; I do not belong to any Party.  If I were an American I would vote for the best person that expresses what he or she would do the most for America and not for the person that happens to be a Democrat or a Republican or an Independent, nor would I Vote for the person that bashes his opponent via negative TV Advertisements costing Americans Millions of Dollars!!!  (This has been a long expensive bad Joke!).

    I believe that it is time for the American people to tell the US Government that Americans are not Stupid, Americans know that cutting Taxes would be a further disaster and it is high time for the US Government to straighten their Acts…

    If they do not know what they are doing, they should hire Inventive Americans to correct the present mess they created and neglected.

    If you the reader agree or disagree to what I stated above, or if you have other good ideas that would benefit America, please express your feelings/your ideas on Face book immediately for all Americans to see.

    I think it is important for all Americans to see the positive possibilities now before the November Election of the Next President of the United States.

    If you agree 100% with what I stated above, please forward this presentation to the people you know or simply comment on Face book.

    Addendum dated December 23, 2012

    Re: Making a comparison between Electronics and Income Tax/IRS…


    As you know Electronics such as Computers TVs,  Cell Phone, IPads, etc.,  are very popular and the private sector keeps on improving such items…  Example, Today’s Laptops are so advanced I often wonder why Desk Top Computers still exist?

    The Income Tax & IRS

    I know of no one that likes the Income Tax & IRS, yet they both still exist, why is that? According to many Americans, they view the IRS as not part of the US Government and a corrupt entity at that!  I did not say so, however, see who has: http://www.supremelaw.org/sls/31answers.htm 

    My question is this: Why is it that items such as Electronics which are popular and needed in America keep on getting better, and the Income Tax & IRS hated and not wanted by most Americans still exist? This makes no sense to me… does it make sense to you? It is high time for the US Government to impose a Fair Tax so as to be able to get rid of the Income Tax & IRS in a timely fashion as I indicated above…

    Thank you for reading this Presentation.



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