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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am seeking $300 Million USD from a  very wealthy Investor that has an Inventive mind in order to develop my Invention “AQUARANT” here in Las Vegas…

    To see what I am about and what the AQUARANT is about, please See/Review the following:

    www.dalli.com  and http://dalliandroyalty.com/  and  www.funtasea.com  and  www.dalligold.com  and  http://dalli.com/ConceptsAndInventions/index.php  and  http://dalli.com/Aquarant/Presentation/index.php  and  http://dalli.com/Slider1/index.php  and  http://dalli.com/DalliResort/index.php

    Why am I seeking an Investor with an Inventive Mind? 

    The reason being that the AQUARANT has never been developed/Constructed before and it will take an Investor with imagination to appreciate this Concept as an Attraction for a Major Resort Hotel & Casinos

    I invented the AQUARANT in 1972 and I also invented the name AQUARANT during the same period… I built a Model of the AQUARANT which I constructed out of Plexiglas. (It is still intact!)

    As to the name AQUARANT… AQUA means Water and RANT is the last four (4) letters of “Restaurant”, however, the AQUARANT is much more than just a Restaurant that would feature Aquatic shows; this would be understood once you read my presentations.

    It took me 6 months to build/construct the AQUARANT Model  and I did so by what I envisioned. I am not an Architect, nor an Engineer; as a matter of fact I cannot draw a straight line without the use of a Ruler.

    I did have an Architect and an Engineer look/review my Model and they were amazed that I built the AQUARANT Model without having Drawings!  Bottom line, they both stated that the AQUARANT could be constructed similar to my Model.

    My AQUARANT is not just an invention of a Building and a Name, in the process of what I just stated, I also invented the Services that would make the AQUARANT a “One of a Kind Attraction”.

    The AQUARANT is only the first step of what I have in mind, the second step will be a Resort Hotel like no other and I already have a One of a Kind Name for it! (The name of the future Resort Hotel and Casinos will consist of 4 Letters and would be remembered more so than the MGM!)

    Note: Above I wrote “Casinos”, plural, this is not a typo, for I have in mind to introduce my version of a Casino which would be Cashless! Hence there would be a Regular Casino and a Cashless Casino.

    I am not going to explain here how the “Cashless Casino” would be operated, but I will say that People/Adults would be able to play and would be impossible for People to lose money since no money would be utilized or allowed;  yet People could Win Items of Value! (The House would lose money via the Cashless Casino, however, my Cashless Casino would be a One of a Kind  Attraction!). In many businesses  Owners would do costly things in order to attract people into their establishments…

    You the reader might say: “Dalli, if your AQUARANT is such a great Investment, why not borrow the money from a Lending Institution so as to keep 100% Ownership, especially since you indicated that in the future you intend to develop a “One of a Kind Resort Hotel and Casinos?”

    Lending Institutions require many things and ask a Million Questions…

    Example: Dalli, how much Money did you invest in this Project? Do you own the Land for the AQUARANT? Do you have Soil analyses, do you have  Feasibility Studies? Do you have Architectural Drawings? Engineering? Did you ever build an AQUARANT before? Did you ever Manage such an Establishment before? And the List goes on…

    Lenders do not care that I invented the AQUARANT and they do not care how much time I spent on this Project, I know my limitations and I am aware that many Experts would need to be hired, not only to develop/construct the AQUARANT, but to also Run/Manage the AQUARANT as per my Concepts. Hence I am certain that you see why I need a Special Type Investor or Investors that are Risk Takers and will allow me to do what I know I can do.

    As a Licensed Real Estate Broker since 1976, once I have the $300 Million USD in hand, I will find and negotiate for the best price possible on a Parcel of Land that will consist of at least 40 Acres. (I happen to know of an ideal Parcel of Land consisting of 42 Acres situated near the Strip, where the Action is!!!).

    What am I offering the Investor that invests the $300 Million USD  for me to initially develop the AQUARANT?

    What I had in mind is that such an Investor would receive 15% Ownership of the entire Project.  Meaning not  just 15% of the AQUARANT, but 15% of the AQUARANT and 15% of the Future Resort Hotel and Casinos which will require approximately $3 Billion USD to develop.

    Because I am fully aware that not many Investors would want to be first to invest their money in something new, (Unproven Project) I have decided to up the 15% to 20% Ownership. Is this a good enough offer? I think so, 20% Ownership of a $3 Billion Resort Hotel and Casinos and the AQUARANT constitutes the following:

    20% of $3 Billion USD = $600 Million USD.  In a sense, the Investor that  puts up the $300 Million USD, for the development of the AQUARANT, would be receiving returns on $600 Million USD once the entire Project is completed.

    The complete Project, includes:

    (1) The AQUARANT, and

    (2) Later, once the AQUARANT becomes a Big Success,  the Development of the Resort Hotel & Casinos  plus all Amenities.

    In other Words for $300 Million USD, such an Investor would eventually own 20% of a Resort Hotel and Casinos like no other!

    I am hoping to hear from an Investor that understands what he or she is being offered and is:  Ready, Willing and Able to invest the entire $300 Million USD… I will also accept the stated Funds from let us say 10 such Investors… ($30 Million Each)

    I thank you for reading this Presentation and my other Presentations, if you are interested please Email to me as soon as you can.




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