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  • The US “Income Tax” Versus a proposed “Fair Tax” by Dalli…

    Posted on November 24, 2012 by dalli in Uncategorized.

    Dear Americans,

    There are numerous reasons why a “Fair Tax” would be much better than the Income Tax. I will enumerate the reasons that come to mind:

    1) The Structure of Income Tax favors the Wealthy

    2) Most Americans, the Middle Class and the poor hate the Income Tax. (For good reasons)

    3) Most small business people (Americans) the Middle Class and the Poor are afraid of the IRS. (For good reasons)

    4) Income Tax has a tone of Government Dictatorship; the US Government takes a portion of American’s Income no matter what.

    5) A Fair Tax on everything Purchased, would favor no one and would have a tone of self control.  By self control I mean that people would only pay tax on things that they need or things that they want to buy. (No one forces people to buy things, do you see my meaning?)

    6) If and when Income Tax becomes obsolete,  Americans that have money in different off-shore accounts, would move their money back to the USA and invest their money in the USA where their money would be safer and not be taxed.

    7) If a Fair Tax is imposed on everything purchased, I truly believe that much more Tax Dollars would be had by the US Government due to the following reasons:

    A) Via a Fair Tax on everything purchased everyone would pay a fair tax and not just the Middle Class and the poor.

    B) Via a Fair Tax, everyone would be taxed even visiting Foreigners.

    C) People that have money Off-shore would no longer be afraid of the IRS and would bring their money back to the USA and would invest their money in Real Estate, etc.

    D) Via “Income Tax” certain Americans cheat one way or another, (everyone knows that the wealthy cheat via Loop-holes) however, via a Fair Tax, there would be no cheating, since a Tax would be imposed on everything purchased; hence much more Tax Dollars would be had by the US Government.

    8) If a Fair Tax is not imposed, I believe that the Deficit will keep on growing.  How can the Deficit and all that America needs be addressed by lowering the Income Tax? Ironically this is what the Democrats and Republicans want to do! (Lowering the Income Tax is a Guarantee for higher Deficit and there would be no money to address America’s Infrastructure, etc…).

    9) To see my concept of a “Fair Tax”; as to how it should be imposed and a few important things that the US Government is not addressing but should, see: http://dalliandroyalty.com/?p=419

    10) Consider this point, via a Fair Tax, in time the deficit would be no more and once the US Government is liquid again, (In the black) more jobs could then be had by the US Government.  There is no shame to work for the US Government.

    11) Last and not least, if you could vote for a “Fair Tax”, would you? If so, express yourself via Facebook, Twitter, etc… Voice your opinion; after all I am certain that you want what is best for all Americans and for the Future of America.

    I thank you for reading this Blog and for reading: http://dalliandroyalty.com/?p=419

    I love all  good Americans, starting with my American Children…



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