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Dear Investor and all other parties wanting to send money to me for legitimate reasons. Welcome…

About “Dalli and Royalty”

Dalli is my  name and I treat all good people as if they are of Royalty.

I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker and have been Licensed since 1976. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

I specialize in income Producing Properties such as the Sale of Motels, Hotels, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers and Apartment Complexes.

If you have money to invest and you wish to buy Real Estate and/or Business in America let me know via Email.

Up front, I do not get involved in moving Investors’ money, moving money to buy Real Estate and/or Business such would be the Investor’s responsibility; hence I will not be compensated for you moving your money into my Bank account in order for you to invest in Real Estate and/or Business.

The following are things I will not do:

I will not open another Bank account, (I have an account with Wells Fargo Bank) I will not contact/communicate with your Banker or Lawyer or anyone else; I will not travel to accommodate any investor and I will not send out of pocket money to anyone no matter the reasons… Not a Penny for for certain will not pay for any of the Investors’ obligations such as Taxes, etc…

My only  responsibility would be to locate the best deal that you wish to acquire and for such a service I would charge you a 10% Fee.

“I would only collect one fee from you the Investor and not from the Seller and  such a fee would be payable to me at the close of Escrow”. In other words I will  be compensated only if I perform.

If you wish to check me out, go to  and type in my full name: Aloysius Dalli

Note to Scammers: Do not waste your time or mine trying to scam me. No matter your offer; I will not send any money to anyone no matter the reasons. My Policy is:  “No Up Front Money from me” to accommodate/conclude any transaction. If I am asked to spend money all communications will STOP…

I am hoping to hear from real Investors…


Aloysius Dalli

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The below are my Websites which you may find interesting…

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